What You Need to Know About Color-Coding

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In the world of organizing, there are two infamous color-coding QUEENS, (who also happen to be two of our favorites), Clea and Joanna with The Home Edit.

Just look at their amazing Instagram feed

What You Need to Know About Color-Coding - amindfulmethod.com

These girls are color-coding ride or die business partners on a mission. If you’ve seen their home organizing techniques or have read their book, they color code for a reason.

In short, it instantly reads “organized” to the brain and makes sense visually. If you haven’t tried this technique, try it out with a bookcase!

Here is a recent example from one of our office projects.

What You Need to Know About Color-Coding - amindfulmethod.com

With that said, we have heard this expression, “It looks good, but is it really functional?”. Valid question!

What You Need to Know About Color-Coding - amindfulmethod.com

So, we did a scientific study (i.e. a 2-second google search) and here is what the Google had to say:

  • Color-coded filing allows you to find files quicker. Your mind associates to colors much quicker than black-on-white name labels.
  • Color-coded filing saves time.
  • Color-coded filing improves attitudes.

We couldn’t agree more with all of the above! If you’re interested in learning more, there is quite the rabbit hole of scientific information on color and cognition out there.

Honestly though, from our experience working in homes, if we are talking books, we are a hands-down YES.

It’s a quick styling technique, especially for an exposed bookcase, and it does make your books appear more organized, thus easier to find.

Color-Coding Your Wardrobe

When it comes to your wardrobe, we don’t necessarily recommend color-coding the entire lot from red to violet.

The exception here could be for the minimalist keeping 25-50 items on hand. But for the majority of us that treat our wardrobe as a collection sport, we would first break down everything into categories (tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, sweaters, pajamas, sweatshirts, etc.).

This would be your first layer of organization. The second layer would be folding or hanging. On those fronts, we recommend file folding when utilizing drawers and non-slip velvet hangers when hanging.

After that, it is a complete, YES vote for color-coding.

This is your third layer of organization that takes a wardrobe system from good to great!  

Talk to us! Are you a fan of the ROYGBIV METHOD or do you have another philosophy?

-A Mindful Method




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