Turning Chaos & Clutter into 


 Save precious time, stress less, and start fully enjoying your home.


Functional Beauty

Based in Seattle, we work with busy families and professionals who desire a functional and beautifully organized home. Our mindful approach reflects our commitment to each client's specific needs, unique style, and season of life. By editing down the clutter and assigning everything a place, we help you make room for more of what matters: real productivity, rest, and quality time with the people you love.

Welcome Home


In Their Words:

- Laura P.

...comes home to a newly remodeled space and they walk around, jaws dropped, shocked at how much better everything is? That was our experience.”

"You know the HGTV shows where a couple...

- Geneva N.

...and love everything about it.  When I unpack groceries now it feels like I'm putting them away in my own little store."


- AnnaMaria M.

...knowledgeable, great communicators, and diligent at their craft. Their attention to detail really comes out in the finished work and I am so happy to have a functioning and beautiful space back in my home.”


- Laura P.

They measured every shelf, cupboard, and drawer, listened to how we used the space, and a few days later, our kitchen was completely transformed. We walked around and opened every drawer and cabinet, jaw dropped. No more snacks falling onto the floor when I open the pantry! The junk drawer opens and is now functional! Order has been restored and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“Not A Detail was overlooked...

-  Meredith B

I never seemed to figure out how to organize it due to its unique storage spaces and layout. The process was so easy - I gave them a key and come home to a clean and well-organized place! I was able to provide feedback along the way and they were mindful of my budget. Everything is in its place now, and my apartment is easier to clean. I am so much happier being at home now!”

“A Mindful Method Made sense of my apartment for me....