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Transforming Chaos into Calm:
Is Your Home Working With You or Against You?

Let’s talk about where true success starts

...yep, right at home. It’s the backdrop to your mornings and nights, the canvas on which your big dreams begin to take shape.

But here’s a thought - when clutter and chaos are your extended family, it’s a tad difficult to feel like you’re ready to achieve those dreams, isn’t it?

So, let's flip the script: Imagine walking into rooms in your home that lift you up, spaces that spark your creativity and fuel your confidence and motivation to take on the day.

Let's ditch the disarray that’s been cramping your style and transform your home into the ultimate launchpad for success. Because, let’s face it, you deserve a living space that’s as forward-moving as you are!

We Transform Your Chaotic Home Into a Luxurious Sanctuary

  • Transform every corner: Make every space in your home a reflection of your best self

  • Discover efficiency: Find everything when you need it because your home is  designed just for you

  • Feel confident: Love where you live every single day

Let's get your home back to a functional space that works for you and your family...

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i want to cure my closet clutter!

Real Stories, Real Transformations

from cluttered to calm,
one space at a time

- Laura P.

...comes home to a newly remodeled space and they walk around, jaws dropped, shocked at how much better everything is? That was our experience.”

"You know the HGTV shows where a couple...

- Nadia l.

 I had my kitchen and pantry organized in 2020 and it was a literal game/life changer! I still get excited opening my cabinets and cupboards 2 years later and seeing everything has a place and everything is in it’s place. It will never get old. I just had the team come back to organize our main bathroom and hallway closet where we store overflow products. Another outstanding job done!"

"I have used AMM in my home twice now...

- melissa c.

... if you’re thinking of hiring an organizer don’t walk to write the email and get Stacy’s team scheduled - RUN. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results and impact they will make on your home and your life for your family.”

“Words can't even express how greateful my husband and i are...

- Laura P.

They measured every shelf, cupboard, and drawer, listened to how we used the space, and a few days later, our kitchen was completely transformed. We walked around and opened every drawer and cabinet, jaw dropped. No more snacks falling onto the floor when I open the pantry! The junk drawer opens and is now functional! Order has been restored and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“Not A Detail was overlooked...

-  Sarah C.

...they were terrific to work with, thorough, and delivered outstanding results. Our family is is impressed with the quality and care put into the organization - and that it actually sticks! The infrastructure the team set up allows us to easily stay organized in our busy lives AND maintain a beautiful home.”

“Stacy and her team were absolutely incredible...

Feeling Overwhelmed by Clutter?

Is every corner of your home a painful reminder of tasks undone and spaces overcrowded? A constant eyesore of visual and mental clutter?

And it’s not just the physical items; it's the stress, the feeling of being perpetually behind, unable to fully relax or find peace in your home.

The problem isn’t merely about disorganization; the real issue is how the chaos in your surroundings seeps into your daily life, dragging down your mood, focus, and overall well-being.

You're not alone in this struggle, and it's not just a matter of tidying up—the core issue is reclaiming your space, peace, and experience of freedom.

Beyond the Mechanics:
Our Mindful Method to Organizing

Typical organizing services focus on the “mechanics” of organizing. But that approach only gets you to the starting line.

At A Mindful Method, we don't just organize, we transform. We believe that true transformation goes beyond the process of editing, sorting, and storing; lasting change means aligning your home with your vision and values.

That's why we take the time to deeply understand your lifestyle, challenges, and aspirations to craft tailor-made solutions that ensure every aspect of your home enhances your daily journey toward a more fluid and intentional life.

"Came up with ideas that I had NEVER considered!"

– Alexandra B.

" Transform Your Home, Elevate Your Life"

  • Harmonize Every Space: Elevate every corner into a purposeful place

  • Gain Control and Efficiency: Streamline your daily routines for smoother days

  • Deep Satisfaction: Feel a renewed sense of calm in your orderly space

"A literal game/life changer!"

– Nadia L.

"They came into the chaos of my house and gave me SANITY and clarity."

– Kristin S.


I don't even know where to begin with this, but --- have you ever wished the Home Edit or Marie Kondo could come to your home and just... do the work for you? Pull everything out that has gathered haphazardly over the years and sort through, categorize, organize the stuff you want to keep and donate trash the stuff you don't...without you having to do anything?

I was first introduced to A Mindful Method by a friend last summer, but I wasn't 100% sure it was worth the price, so I only asked her to do our kitchen/pantry. Stacy, the owner, asked if we had ever thought of having our pantry built out. It was - at the time - just an open space with four haphazardly spaced shelves, and we were suffering. She connected us with her cabinetmaker (who is also lovely!). We weren't sure how it would all fit into such a small space, but we tried to trust their vision, and I am SO GLAD we did. The pantry (and kitchen) is officially the nicest room in our house!

Her team waded through our stuff junk for hours a day and somehow stayed positive throughout it all (not how I typically feel when I'm trying to wade through my kitchen, haha). They asked thoughtful questions, moved everything that was duplicative or expired into groups for us to discuss (edit down, donate, throw out, or keep), and then even did the donation + trash runs! Our kitchen and pantry are so gorgeous now, and everything is easily findable - the biggest flex is that they did not take us through where they put anything before they left, but we have been able to find everything without a problem!

So, we invited them back twice to do "the rest of our house' - Visit #1 [basement, office, and gym room] and then Visit #2 [the bedrooms + closets]. Each visit was less than four days. I've got two toddlers with toys overrunning our living room, and it was quite the eyesore - at our request, her team moved everything down to the basement and sorted it beautifully into a newly appointed play area, and we've reclaimed our living room as our own. The kids love to go down there, and I'm not even stressed out when they pull out ALL the toys because it's so easy to put them back into the categorized + labeled bins.

It has been an enormous weight off our shoulders to finally live in a home we can breathe in – I actually look forward to putting stuff away because I know exactly where it goes! There is obviously a physical and visual benefit, but there is also a tremendous emotional and mental benefit to living in a well-organized space. 

After this experience, I can confidently say that I would have never been able to do the sorting/editing or the categorizing/organizing by myself even if I had all the time in the world. It feels like such a splurge, but it has been worth every penny to live life in less chaos, to know exactly where to look for something, and to have a designated space for everything.

– Julia C.

You can attempt to transform your space mechanically… Or, you can transform your space mindfully.

Unlike conventional organizing services, A Mindful Method integrates your personality, style, daily habits, and unique needs into the planning and organizing process. This focus ensures that your home isn’t just neat but a true reflection of you and a catalyst for your best life.


The               Method Difference:
Not Just Organized, But Transformed 

The                 Method Difference:
Not Just Organized, But Transformed 

Picture waking up every day to a home that just... feels right. 

Where the energy lifts you up, and creativity flows as easily as your morning coffee.

Where there’s a spot for everything, and everything is in its place.

Life gets smoother and easier because every space supports and honors how you live.

It's not just a dream - it's what we do at A Mindful Method: We transform your dream spaces into everyday reality.

Imagine Your Dream Home Feels Like THIS...

The Value of Investing in Your Home and Yourself…

"I am forever thankful to A Mindful Method for helping to restore some of my sanity." – Laura F.

"Order has been restored, and I couldn’t be happier with the results." – Laura P.

"Best money spent in a long time." – Jaime R.

"My home surely feels luxurious!" – Jenny N.

"A literal game/life changer!" – Nadia L.

Choose Your Path to an Organized Home...

Our Mindful Method starts by discovering and exploring possibilities together. From the moment we begin, to the grand reveal of your newly organized space, our holistic, mindful approach makes transforming your home simple and struggle-free.

Learn more about how it works

Something Holding You Back?

Feeling a bit unsure or have questions swirling around?

Totally normal.

Transforming your home into a space you love can feel like a giant leap. But it’s a leap worth taking. 

And hey, if our FAQs haven’t covered all your bases, we're just a message away.

Let’s clear any fog and pave your way to an organized home that raises your spirits. Reach out; let’s chat about turning your home into the sanctuary you dream of and deserve.

With your vision and commitment, coupled with our experience and dedication, we'll make your dream home a reality together.

"SUCH a worthwhile investment!"

– Kelly R.

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"We have used them multiple times for different homes and projects, and they are such a GREAT investment for your home.""SUCH a worthwhile investment!"

– Kathryne S.

Our Happy Clients Say It Best for Us...

Their homes—and lives—have been transformed through mindful organizing. We hope their words inspire you to make the change you deserve.

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