Is This You?

The Essence of A MindFul Method

At A Mindful Method, we're architects of harmony, meticulously crafting spaces that elevate the fabric of your everyday life.

At the heart of our mission lies a simple yet profound belief:

"Your home should be more than just mechanically organized. Every nook of your home should reflect your personal style, embody your values, and harmonize with the rhythm of your daily activities.

Our philosophy ensures your living spaces don't just look appealing—they feel great because they resonate with every facet of who you are.

Who Our Services Are For

  • Busy Moms with Careers: As master multitaskers, you effortlessly navigate between professional achievements and the joys of motherhood. Our services gift you peace of mind, ensuring your home environment supports your dynamic lifestyle, allowing you to cherish every moment spent with your family without the distraction of disarray.

  • Busy Parents with Young Children: The joys of parenthood are unmatched, but so are its challenges, from a constant influx of toys to endless laundry. We craft kid-friendly spaces that accommodate your family's needs and evolve as you do, simplifying your life and enhancing your focus on what truly matters—spending quality time together.

  • Busy Professionals: You juggle deadlines and dinner dates, leading a life that's as rewarding as it is full. Efficiency and order aren't just preferences—they're necessities for keeping the scales balanced.

A Mindful Method Is a Perfect Fit If...

  • You prioritize quality over cutting corners. You value quality, from the planning to the materials, the craftsmanship, and your overall experience. Cutting corners is non-negotiable for you.

  • You value your time and peace of mind. You recognize that your time is one of your most valuable assets. Investing in professional de-cluttering and organizing is an investment in reclaiming your time and peace of mind.

  • You view decluttering and organizing as self-care. Far from a mere home improvement project, you see the transformation of your space as an investment in your well-being and a form of self-care that benefits you and your entire family.

  • You embrace the belief that a harmonious home elevates every aspect of life. You view your clutter-free, organized home as more than just a space—it is a foundation for a well-lived life. It acts as a catalyst for achieving your goals, reclaiming control, enhancing your confidence, and liberating you from the mental and emotional clutter that impedes your progress.

A Mindful Method IS Not a Good Fit If…

  • You are a bargain hunter. We understand the importance of budgeting and value, but A Mindful Method's services extend beyond de-cluttering and organizing. Our comprehensive, customized approach offers long-term solutions rather than just short-term fixes. We aren't the best match if you prioritize the lowest cost above transformative outcomes.

  • You are a “quick fixer.” Our mission is to create lasting change within your spaces, integrating systems that align with your lifestyle and personal aesthetics. If you're seeking a quick tidy-up that doesn't address the root of organizational challenges, our in-depth method might feel more extensive than you're looking for.

  • You prefer mechanical processes over holistic approaches. Our service might not meet your needs if your preference leans towards a straightforward, mechanical process without much room for a thoughtful, holistic approach. Our philosophy intertwines personal style and daily routines into every aspect of home organization, offering depth beyond mere tidying.

  • You are a “helicopter client.” Our best work is done with trust and space. While we absolutely need your insights, especially for selecting what to keep over what contributes to clutter, we’re at our best when you give us the freedom to implement your vision. This requires a balance of your trust and our autonomy.

  • You are unwilling to make decisive decluttering decisions. Ready for transformation? It starts with your willingness to let go of things that no longer serve a purpose. If parting with items to transform your space feels daunting, our approach may be challenging. We're here to guide significant, lasting change, which begins with your readiness to embrace it.

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Real Stories, Real Transformations

from cluttered to calm,
one space at a time

- Laura P.

...comes home to a newly remodeled space and they walk around, jaws dropped, shocked at how much better everything is? That was our experience.”

"You know the HGTV shows where a couple...

- Nadia l.

 I had my kitchen and pantry organized in 2020 and it was a literal game/life changer! I still get excited opening my cabinets and cupboards 2 years later and seeing everything has a place and everything is in it’s place. It will never get old. I just had the team come back to organize our main bathroom and hallway closet where we store overflow products. Another outstanding job done!"

"I have used AMM in my home twice now...

- melissa c.

... if you’re thinking of hiring an organizer don’t walk to write the email and get Stacy’s team scheduled - RUN. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results and impact they will make on your home and your life for your family.”

“Words can't even express how greateful my husband and i are...

- Laura P.

They measured every shelf, cupboard, and drawer, listened to how we used the space, and a few days later, our kitchen was completely transformed. We walked around and opened every drawer and cabinet, jaw dropped. No more snacks falling onto the floor when I open the pantry! The junk drawer opens and is now functional! Order has been restored and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“Not A Detail was overlooked...

-  Sarah C.

...they were terrific to work with, thorough, and delivered outstanding results. Our family is is impressed with the quality and care put into the organization - and that it actually sticks! The infrastructure the team set up allows us to easily stay organized in our busy lives AND maintain a beautiful home.”

“Stacy and her team were absolutely incredible...