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At A Mindful Method, we start by deeply understanding our clients' mental and emotional states, habits, and lifestyles, going beyond the spaces they wish to declutter. For instance, we’ll ask clients how they feel when they enter a particular space. We want to observe how they use and move about the space. Then, we'll ask them to imagine the space decluttered and describe how it feels.

The organizing industry brims with talented problem-solvers, but often, there's an overemphasis on just the mechanics. So, after briefly asking their potential clients what spaces they want de-cluttered, they tend to focus on their particular method or process and then quickly offer to send a proposal. It feels transactional.

Now, don’t get us wrong, the methods are important. 

However, in contrast, we take a more human-centered approach at A Mindful Method Luxury Home Organizing.

This allows us to focus on practical organizing methods and ensure the customized solutions we recommend resonate with our clients' lifestyles and values and stand the test of time.

Because we blend “aha” moments, mindset change, and daily flow with practical organizing, we provide a holistic approach to home transformation that is rare in our field.

How It Works


Discover & Explore Possibilities

We start out by getting to know you, your lifestyle, your challenges, and what's most important to you. Then together, we'll dive into a world of options and possibilities as we start your journey. This step is about having fun, letting your imagination run wild, and dreaming about what your space looks and feels like.


Choose Your Path​​​​​​​

With your family’s needs and your home’s potential in mind, we outline three pathways: good, better, and best. We tailor each path to different levels of transformation and investment. We're happy to discuss the pros and cons of each option to help you select the perfect pathway to bring your dream space to life.


Streamline & Simplify

Let's face it: Sorting through cherished belongings can be emotionally draining and physically taxing. But it's way easier to streamline your possessions when you have a compassionate and supportive team by your side. Together, we’ll help you clarify what truly adds value to your life and what can be let go, simplifying your space to best reflect and support your lifestyle and priorities.


Install Solutions & Systems

Your space truly transforms as we introduce and set up smart solutions and systems tailored just for you. Every chosen piece—from stylish storage to seamless organization—fits naturally into your daily life. As we move from clutter to clarity, you'll see and feel everything fall into place.


The grand reveal signals the beginning of a new chapter in your home. As we walk you through your newly organized spaces, we’ll guide you on how to maintain this newfound harmony and make the most out of your personalized systems. We commemorate this transformation by sharing before and after photos that capture the dramatic shift from chaos to tranquility.

Unveil the Transformation

our (mindful) method to
the madness

the process


Design + Shop


Now it’s time to measure, plan, shop, and purchase the tools that help make your space work for you. We’re always mindful of your price range and style when picking out bins and accessories to ensure it’s not only functional, but beautiful, too.

our (mindful) method to
the madness

the process


Install + Label


Lastly, it’s time to put it all together! Everything has a place and everything gets labeled so that your newly organized space will stay that way for months to come. We’ll add the final designer touches and then review it all together until you tell us we’ve delivered on your home organizing dreams!

Real Stories, Real Transformations

from cluttered to calm,
one space at a time

- Laura P.

...comes home to a newly remodeled space and they walk around, jaws dropped, shocked at how much better everything is? That was our experience.”

"You know the HGTV shows where a couple...

- Nadia l.

 I had my kitchen and pantry organized in 2020 and it was a literal game/life changer! I still get excited opening my cabinets and cupboards 2 years later and seeing everything has a place and everything is in it’s place. It will never get old. I just had the team come back to organize our main bathroom and hallway closet where we store overflow products. Another outstanding job done!"

"I have used AMM in my home twice now...

- melissa c.

... if you’re thinking of hiring an organizer don’t walk to write the email and get Stacy’s team scheduled - RUN. I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results and impact they will make on your home and your life for your family.”

“Words can't even express how greateful my husband and i are...

- Laura P.

They measured every shelf, cupboard, and drawer, listened to how we used the space, and a few days later, our kitchen was completely transformed. We walked around and opened every drawer and cabinet, jaw dropped. No more snacks falling onto the floor when I open the pantry! The junk drawer opens and is now functional! Order has been restored and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“Not A Detail was overlooked...

-  Sarah C.

...they were terrific to work with, thorough, and delivered outstanding results. Our family is is impressed with the quality and care put into the organization - and that it actually sticks! The infrastructure the team set up allows us to easily stay organized in our busy lives AND maintain a beautiful home.”

“Stacy and her team were absolutely incredible...